Doris Schl├Ąpfer

The first declared drawings and paintings from Doris Schlaepfer explored the concept of our world before human beings existed.
Because the earth is spinning, simultaneously round herself and around the sun, shadows, those forms without substance appear, from light dividing darkness.
Spinning her web of images from reflections in a mirror of the real world, the cursed Lady of Shallot knows all the while that they 'are but shadows'.

The leitmotif of spinning links all the artist's work, and her latest drawings develop the theme amongst debris interwoven with human lives.
Broken and forgotten, decomposing or stored away these abandoned objects, testaments to human dreams, desires and occupation of a place, have become sources for her non - judgmental investigations.

The pencil is alive, flowing, focused and concentrated, threading us through the indefinable pathways of drawing, spinning dross into gold.

Kathleen Burlumi