tournesol - acryl on wood 50x50cm 2010/ private collection


tournesol - acryl on wood 50x50cm 2010/ private collection


tournesol - acryl on wood 50x50cm 2010

SUNFLOWERS. (tournesols)

" In a cowslips bell I lie there I crouch when owls do fly " from Ariels Song, TheTempest. W. Shakespeare

The flowers have no colour, except dark grey which seems almost black. But a grey made from all the colours of the rainbow. Even at it's most dense one can see the light deep inside. The shifting of the sun reveals time passing and the shadow always obeys. Caught uncharacteristically, buried inside her own movement, we can only decipher where the flower has hidden herself. This strange and unconventional point of view confounds, and destabilizes traditional representation. The spectator senses the flower within the shadow.

When he composer, musician John Cage made his famous experiment " 4.33 minutes ", the audience were listening to silence – but there can never be true silence when human beings are present, we hear inside our heads, our own breathing. John Cage's silent performance was punctuated by extraneous sounds, feet shuffling, coughing, a bird whistling, and faraway noises from the street outside.
Doris's sunflowers move in a world of complete silence, before anyone was there to hear the wind or see the flowers. These sunflowers exist in non - space, non matter, no sound and no perfume – they are but shadows, responding to the position of the sun.

Kathleen Burlumi

Copyright Doris Schlaepfer 2012